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The Not So Great team’s objective is to create charming videogames that have characters that you can actually relate to and situations that will either put a smile on your face or make you shed a tear or two. You’ll just break away and have a good time.

We are a very small team. Therefore, our resources are limited. However, that doesn’t stop us from giving everything we’ve got and try to make our crazy ideas a reality.

The team was formed during the summer of 2018, after Jose Luís Tur left his job so that he could dedicate himself to achieve his dream of making videogames. He asked Marika Takeuchi, a talented Japanese compositor who is living in the US, to be part of the project in which he was working on. On September of 2018 the team was also joined by Arantxa Cardona, a young programmer. The team’s first game is Aurora's Journey and the Pitiful Lackey, which is currently under development.

Game Logo

Aurora's Journey and the Pitiful Lackey is set in 1927. Aurora Aylesworth, a young 19-year-old astronomer sets out on a journey in order to find his father’s whereabouts. His father disappeared four years ago, while he was investigating the remains of a spaceship that fell on the Earth in 1908: Eureka. Yet Aurora will not be alone on her journey: she will be counting on the help of her faithful lackey, as well as her friends and other people that you will meet during her travels. She will, however, need to face the dangerous Brainless because, for some reason, it looks like they want to prevent Aurora from accomplishing her goal.

During the game we will control Aurora while she travels throughout different regions. She will be collecting clues about his father: William. The Brainless, robots without conscience nor intelligence that raised from the remains of Eureka, will try to stop Aurora from accomplishing her goal. But she will be able to face them with the Copernicus, a custom-made revolver made by parts of an old telescope and created by a mad scientist named Rachmaninoff.

And even though finding her father is her main goal, that doesn't provide her any money to survive. So, in order to get some income, she can do different jobs as an astronomer, as a story-writer or even as a babysitter for little rascals.
The money she will earn will be very useful in order to get new inventions from Rachmaninoff that can help her during her travels.

We are developing the game for PC using Unreal Engine 4, although depending on how the development goes, we might be able to develop it on more platforms as well.


Take on the Brainless with the help of her faithful lackey and Copernicus, your own revolver.


Travel throughout a world full of unique characters, both friendly and hostile.


Rachmaninoff can help you improving your revolver or inventing new stuff for you.


Talk to the characters to learn more about them and to develop the main story.


Help Aurora save money for her travels by doing different jobs and completing the mini-games.


Upgrade Aurora's equipment to get powerful special attacks.

Check our FAQ section to answer the most common questions.


Help us

We have funded this project by ourselves up until now. However, we have reached a point in which, without any help, we cannot continue the development of this game. In case you would like to help us so that we can continue to develop this game, you can join our Patreon to donate an amount of money every month.
You can see more information about the available payment choices and what you would get in return by clicking on the "Patreon" button.

You can also help us by donating the amount you want through paypal!

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You can contact us through the mail or email below, or by filling in the form.


apdo correos 8, Sant Josep 07830 Islas Baleares España