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The Not So Great team’s objective is to create charming videogames that have characters that you can actually relate to and situations that will either put a smile on your face or make you shed a tear or two. You’ll just break away and have a good time.

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In 1927 Aurora sets out on a journey with the lackey, her faithful alien follower, to find her father, who disappeared four years earlier. But they will not have it easy, to achieve success they must face the brainless, robotic enemies that emerge from the wreckage of an old spaceship.

Aurora's Journey and the Pitiful Lackey is an adventure with drama and humor and Run & Gun mechanics. Talk to characters to advance the story, earn money by participating in different mini-games and upgrade your equipment, and face hundreds of enemies to discover the fate of Aurora's father and unravel the mystery of the Eureka ship.

The lackey will be our follower, Aurora's faithful henchman and friend, whom we can throw against enemies and even use as a key element to solve puzzles. But watch his dignity, if it gets too low he may not listen to us and we'll have to wait for him to calm down!

Meeting an usual character.

A unique adventure full of unusual characters.

Aurora with the Lackey ready for an adventure on top of a roof!

Travel around the world and explore exotic locations.

Aurora facing some enemies.

Face dangerous enemies and final bosses.

Aurora talking with the lackey.

Talk to the characters to advance the story.

Aurora in a car with the lackey.

Play mini-games and upgrade your equipment.

Aurora writing a story.

Help Aurora write stories in her spare time.

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